Product Manager (Marketplace Supply)

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About Insense

  • If building a local product in your country is not enough for you and you want to try to build a global product for a diverse and cross-cultural audience: we’re a fast-growing business with a technology focus and are a leader in several international markets (USA, Canada, Russia, UK).
  • If you’re interested in one of the most complex business models that can quickly scale, and you want to influence our most important business area: we are a SaaS enabled marketplace, where Supply is the biggest area of growth.
  • If you want to build products in partnership with the largest technology companies based on their API/SDK: we are the only creative partner of Facebook in Russia and one of the few in the world. We’re one of 10 companies in the world that’s a creative partner of TikTok. More partnerships coming soon, stay tuned.
  • If you’re interested in growing a product and solving over a hundred product tasks a year: we’re a unique technological solution on the market, and due to the growth of users, your expertise is needed to help solve several tasks on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.
  • If a close-knit team is important to you: We’re an #insensefamily. We have 40+ people in the team in 4 different offices: New York, Moscow, Tver and London. Right now, we’re remote first, but we still have a strong emphasis on teamwork and connection.


  • 3+ years of experience in a Product Manager position.
  • Ability to solve problems in terms of “hypotheses” and “experiments”. You should be able to use numbers to argue which hypothesis should be tested first and why.
  • Ability to describe a business process in Google tablets, test a hypothesis in a week.
  • Experience with these methodologies: Scrum, GIST, CustDev, Job Story, HADI and knowing how to sketch unit economics for a new product.
  • Ability to calculate metrics of processes and products, know how to search and find correlations and make decisions based on data.
  • Ability to make decisions, communicate and defend your position, taking a creative approach to solving problems. You can iteratively create a product map and explain why it’s the best approach.
  • Experience with Google Analytics or Amplitude.
  • Upper-intermediate English so you can communicate and create a product for global users.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with mobile applications.
  • Experience in a similar position in the marketplace where you were responsible for one of it’s parties (experience working in supply is a strong plus).
  • Completion of educational courses such as GoPractice, ProductStar, Product Heroes or other foreign courses.
  • Experience working in a product targeted at American or European markets.


  • You are the leader of the product for creators (the supply side of the marketplace). You have more autonomy in decisions if they are based on data and verified user feedback. You will help develop a product that will be used by content creators around the world. Therefore, you have to:
  • Analyze the user behavior of content creators across multiple interfaces (mobile applications, desktop applications and other touch points) to improve metrics.
  • Chat with users on a weekly basis, pull out insights and iteratively improve the product.
  • Work across the entire AAARRR funnel of both mobile app and desktop app users (from acquisition to retention).
  • Build and implement a product development strategy in the next 1-3-5 years. Solve not only current needs, but also look to the future of the platform by collaborating with the Product and Management teams.
  • Analyze current business processes and develop new ones to achieve set goals.
  • Synchronize on implementation with cross-functional units (Design, Development, QA, Product, Creators, Sales & Marketing, etc.).
  • Maintain product documentation and keep it up to date.
  • Track the business metrics of the Supply marketplace, products for creators and product metrics.
  • Work with the team responsible for partnerships with creators and operations, as well as communicating directly with the creators themselves to receive prompt feedback.
  • Keep track of your main KPI for the first 6 months: full automation of transactions on the marketplace by creators (without any support from the support team).


  • Full-time, including availability from 9 am to 1 pm EST to sync up with our NYC team.
  • Remote or office in Moscow (large cozy office with tea, coffee, PlayStation, within walking distance of the subway in the heart of the city).
  • Market salary level, discussed with each candidate individually based on the results of the interview.
  • 15 days vacation and 9 paid holidays, plus additional paid days for sick leave, bereavement, etc., in accordance with US holidays calendar.
  • Work schedule follows all US work days and federal holidays.
  • Flexibility and autonomy: freedom of action in decision making. We want to see the growth of business indicators and the achievement of goals, how you accomplish them is up to you.
  • Paid business trips to the USA (if required)

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Insense - креативная платформа, помогающая брендам и рекламным агентствам работать с более чем 12,900 блогерами в Instagram, создавать фото и видео контент для социальных сетей (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube и Snapchat).