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About Role // Site Reliability Engineer (SRE):

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is responsible for keeping all user-facing services and other RADLogics production systems running smoothly. SRE is a blend of pragmatic operators and software craftspeople that apply sound engineering principles, operational discipline, and mature automation to our environments and the Bitbucket codebase. We specialize in systems, whether it be networking, the OS, or some more specific interest in scaling, algorithms, or distributed systems.

RADLogics is a unique site, we support customers worldwide whether in the cloud (SAAS) or on-prem.

AS a SRE in RADLogics you will:

  • Take care of new deployments and upgrades remotely with clients.
  • Support (follow the sun) the WW customers.
  • Monitoring ownership – manage and create new dashboards (per client) on both Grafana and DataDog (per organization).
  • Support the R&D teams when needed.

Preferred Skills:

  • “Get the job done” mind-set.
  • Knowledge and proficiency with a variety ofOps and Automation tools.
  • Great at writing scripts.
  • Comfortable dealing with frequent testing andincremental releases.
  • Understanding of Ops challenges and how theycan be addressed during design anddevelopment.
  • Soft skills for better collaboration across theteam.
  • Ability to post-mortem the unexpected incidentsto solve future hazards.
  • Skilled in evaluating new possibilities andcapacity planning aptitudes.
  • Comfortable with handling the operations,monitoring, and alerting.
  • Knowledge and experience in buildingprocesses and automation to support other teams.

Technical skills:

  • OS – windows – 2 years as an admin preferable.
  • OS – Linux - 2 years as an admin preferable.
  • Scripting: Python / bash / PowerShell – at least 2 years in oneof them.
  • Network – understanding network (FW / LB / testing)(preferred).
  • Yandex Cloud – 1 year experience (preferred).
  • AWS – 1 year experience (preferred).
  • CM as a code: Puppet / Chef or Ansible - at least 1 year.
  • Implement "Infrastructure as Code" using Terraform andJenkins CI/CD for automation – 1-year experience with bothtools at least.
  • Kubernetes and containers – 1-year experience.
  • BI Tools, Grafana, integrations with Slack/PagerDutyexperience – 1 year or more in one of them at least.
  • Logging infrastructure – DataDog – (preferred).
  • Backend storage management and scaling (preferred).
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability strategy (preferred).
  • Strong communication skills (verbal / written).

Language(s): Russian – Native; English – fluent.

Working time: full-time job with flexible schedule. The result – is the main metric of efficiency and experience.
Office: Due to the pandemic situation we prefer remote regime. But if it is needed, we have very comfortable coworking area. Compensation:
Salary // 150 -250K Rubles Net (for hands)
Annual Bonuses in accordance to results
ESOP (Employee stock option plan) – can be discussed after 1 year of work in the company
High end Laptop up to your choice
Medical insurance (as an option)

If you are interested in this role an AI drives you to create something amazing and helpful for our community Please contact and send your CV to our team.

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