Backend Engineer (Scala)

Дата создания: 05 сентября 2020

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  • Scala developer with over 2 years of experience.
  • Good knowledge of SQL.
  • Experience with distributed systems.
  • Experience in development of REST API web-services.
  • (beneficial) Good level of English.
  • (beneficial) Experience with Docker/Kubernetes.
  • (beneficial) Knowledge of NoSQL ecosystem.
  • (beneficial) Practical experience with FP libraries in Scala (cats-effect, ZIO).


  • You will be developing and supporting multiple projects in the food domain. Our core system is a complex entity graph consisting of recipes, products, allergies, nutrients, retailer products, etc.
  • We expect you will be involved in all stages of development from designing solution up to deploying artifacts to production.


  • Since our team is fully distributed, it is important for us that you can organize yourself and are not afraid to communicate with other team members.
  • We are ready to share our knowledge and we are ready to learn something new from you. We are an open-minded team and not afraid to try new technologies if it can move us forward.


Whisk is a fast-growing company with the objective to "understand" food (recipes, products) and user preferences in order to provide intelligent insights and recommendations. Over several years we have been building knowledge and technology in that area, with the great help of Machine Learning.

We recently joined Samsung NEXT — the innovation division of Samsung, which allows us to accelerate our development and hire new talented people.

We are looking for a Scala developer for our distributed team. We provide the opportunity to work in the big world-famous company and which meanwhile preserving the spirit and freedom of the startup.

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Быстрорастущая компания в FoodTech-индустрии. На протяжении нескольких лет мы накапливаем знания и развиваем технологии в данной области. Мы распределенная команда и работаем вместе из разных точек мира. Свобода передвижения очень важна для нас.