User acquisition specialist / growth hacker

Дата создания: 07 августа 2020



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To cope with the reality of a product stage startup and to operate at ease within its constraints. In that respect, you should be:
- Creative: You can generate and implement several ideas a day to identify and engage with potential users through social networks, online communities, blogs, etc.
- Result-driven: An ambitious achiever, you understand that the only purpose of all your initiatives is to acquire and retain users. You act accordingly.
- Pro-active, independent and energetic: No “line-manager” is to spoon-feed you with your tasks on a daily basis.
- Street-smart: We do not believe that building our user acquisition effort by spending OpEx in Google or FB/IG ads is effective.

- Your command of the English language is perfect.
- You understand the inner workings of social media, online communities and their respective user dynamics.
- You are familiar with coding; at a minimum you can write API requests to Twitter and the like.


Why do we need you?
To build our user acquisition practice.
As one of our first marketing team members, you will:
- Have a significant freedom to create, test and optimize solutions to acquire and retain users in the most effective way.
- Design and implement metrics to assess the effectiveness of our user acquisition effort.
- Spearhead our effort to improve our online visibility.

Условия труда

What do we offer?
You genuinely want to help tackle one of the main health issues faced by the mankind? Join a like-minded team and:
- Become one of the key people responsible for our growth: first in the UK and then in the US.
- Be part of an international team deployed across the USA, the UK, Russia, Lithuania, and France.
- Enjoy the ability to work remotely or from a chosen coworking place.
- Stock options are possible, subject to performance.

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A UK-domiciled, product stage startup, we aim to bring our users exceptional digital solutions to the problem of choosing the right food, consistently and conveniently. We are not food activists, nor diet evangelists. Yet we believe that the food industry’s manoeuvres to rule what we eat has led to a dreadful reality that is illustrated by countless and dramatic statistics: bad eating habits kill now more than smoking, nearly 80% of the people hospitalized in the UK with COVID-19 are overweight or obese, etc. With our A.I.- powered food-centric search engine and navigation system, we want to empower our users to see their food for what it really is, and to eradicate the information asymmetry that has long prevailed between the food business and them. 100Nuts Ltd is an 18-people strong startup. We have just launched our MVP (an app and a browser extension) in the UK. We aim to deploy our services in the US by July 2021.