Senior Data Platform Engineer

Дата создания: 13 июля 2020

Our team keeps evolving to cover the needs of NVIDIA Data Platform. Our goal is to ingest, process and report telemetry data from millions of client systems. Our data sources include traditional PC systems, mobile devices and distributed Web services. Join us in building outstanding data pipelines and analysis features!


Постоянная работа

более 5 лет


Полная занятость


What you will be doing:

  • You will develop internal and externally facing APIs for data retrieval, processing and transformation
  • You will manipulate with large datasets to load, search, transform and export the data using cluster-based technologies
  • You will automate end-to-end integration and stress tests to ensure system stability and capacity
  • You will enhance and improve data quality and analysis processes, identify intelligent approaches to detect and to root cause the outliers in data models
  • You will work on a range of business- and customer-facing data analysis projects including user recommendations, user surveying, crash/exceptions analysis, A/B testing for different use-cases across PC/Mobile/Web platforms
  • You will participate in analysis and development of the user profiles
  • You will prepare documentation for the designs, processes, policies, data formats and test cases within the scope of your projects.

What we need to see:

  • You are able to write readable, testable, scalable and extensible code (primarily Java/Scala/Python), 5+ years development experience
  • You have experience with industry accepted tools for data storage and processing including Spark, Cassandra, Redis, Hive
  • We expect you to be proactive in proposing better system designs / architecture to build reliable data flows, combining analytical batch processing, real-time data flows and low-latency APIs
  • Your strong sides include interpersonal, presentation and reporting skills, especially in the context a distributed international team
  • We need you to possess upper-intermediate oral and written technical English

Ways to stand out of a crowd:

  • If you possess basic Web UI development skills (Angular, React), we could make use of it too!
  • Admiration for PC/mobile gaming will help you in working with our data sets
  • If you're developing a 'pet' software project - send us your code examples!

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NVIDIA – пионер в области сверхпроизводительных вычислений, которые предпочитают самые требовательные компьютерные пользователи: ученые, дизайнеры, художники и геймеры. Мы создали для них эквивалент машины времени. Учитывая непрекращающуюся потребность в более качественной 3D графике и растущий игровой рынок, NVIDIA превратила GPU в настоящий мозговой центр компьютера, открыв путь для многочисленных инноваций на пересечении виртуальной реальности и искусственного интеллекта.